Timeline for HD additions

Discussion created by wcguy on Apr 16, 2013
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There are a couple of other threads dealing with the lack of HD channels but I am directing this at Shaw employees and would appreciate and honest answer:


Shaw currently offers the least amount of HD channels of any provider in the country.  What is the reasoning for this right now and when are we going to see this rectified?  There was a rumor on a website that said ShawDirect is going to add up to 100 HD channels in June.  Is that accurate and if so does it mean Shaw Cable will also be adding a large amount of HD channels?


I'm not usually one to make threats, but I seriously want to know when Shaw is going to get in line with the rest of the Country as far as HD and if I don't see that it's going to happen in a timely fashion I'm going to change providers.  It's simply unacceptable to be sitting here with the least amount of HD channels while every other BDU in the country large and small gives their customers more options.