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DOCSIS3.0 in Airdrie, AB dropping out since 9:30pm Tuesday

Question asked by wvt on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by shaw-lance

I'm on BB250 in Airdrie, starting at about 9:30pm Tuesday April 16, my modem started losing sync every 3-5 minutes. Online light would start to flash, then US and DS lights would go out and eventually resync. When the connection did come up, there's high latency and packet loss, throughput is 2-3mbit download, 6-7mbit upload.


I called support and there were unable to find anything other than confirming the modem was losing sync every few minutes.  After I finished with support, I called a friend on the other side of Airdrie that has BB100, their service is doing the exact same thing starting at the same time.


We're both unable to get through on phone support now, I just want to be sure Shaw is aware that this issue is a lot wide spread than just my modem.  I have an tech booked for Friday evening, however the issue appears to be further upstream.