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Internet Issues

Question asked by fisheroo92 on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2013 by djack

I'm having the problem of only being able to connect to certain sites, and my boyfriend's laptop is doing the same. For me, Facebook, hotmail, and my banking site all work fine, but as soon as I try to get to google, it tells me my connection times out, or it just doesn't work in general. I can get to, but as soon as I search something, and try to get to one of the pages it suggests, the issue I'm having with Google happens again and the page refuses to load. I spent an hour on the phone with Shaw tech support (who were very patient and helpful by the way) and they helped me go through every possible solution, including opening some program that showed a black screen and getting me to write "ping" including pinging the string of numbers it came back with after pinging Since that still showed that google was working, she suggested that we might have viruses on our laptops (his especially, cause his free trial just expired) and to do a virus scan of our entire computers. I have just completed a full virus scan with AVG Free and nothing was found. I was going to try a free trial of some other virus scanner, but I can't because the websites won't work. WHAT CAN I DO?