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Proxy, IP Issues

Question asked by ijackson on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by mrgordos

My daughter recently found out how to change the proxy on her laptop so she could watch U.S. Netflix instead of the Canadian version.  What a disaster.  What it seems to have done is permanently change our whole home network proxies and IP address, even after she deleted that proxy number in the LAN settings on her laptop.   My computer IP address is correct, but when I go to one of those "what is my IP address" websites, it tells me something different.


This has created a lot of issues, messing with my incoming email on Outlook, not allowing me to access my website through an ftp client, and making some webpages not load at all or take a very long time to load.  I called Shaw and had a very disappointing response...basically they told me that because my website (and its subsequent email) is hosted somewhere else, they can only help me with a Shaw email account.  My outgoing email still goes through Shaw, so I don't know why she couldn't help.  We are all connected to a router, but disabling the router and going direct through the modem didn't change anything.  Neither did rebooting the router, modem and all computers.


We've tried everything from cleaning the registry to actually doing a system restore on each of our computers!  I've Google'd every possibly search term to try and find answers...can anyone here help?  I'd be most grateful!