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How do I really stop ShawSpam?

Question asked by internaut on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by shaw-colin

I have 10 email accounts with Shaw. I receive at least one, sometimes more, in each account of what Shaw calls "Shaw Big Picture" flyer (email spam).

Over the years, I must have unsubscribed dozens of times, "press the button!" and am fed up having to "press the button!" do it over and over "press the button!" without success. It seems that what Shaw advertises ... "Your voice matters", doesn't apply - it's just marketing gobbledegook. "press the button!"


The only thing I would be interested in is a real noteworthy email about such things as the ongoing rate increases but with a better explanation than the -stuff- regarding the GDP and so on. And, real email about maintenance in the area, scheduled down times, not junkmail with more ads prompting me to watch Shaw's choices of TV. I get all the Shaw insulting ads one needs through print and Shaw "press the button!" TV ads that are not just "press the button!" between programs, but right "press the button!" on top of them! ENOUGH! "press the button!" Loose the "press the button!" commercial! "press the button!"


Can't Shaw do what reputable companies do and offer choices? Shaw could easily add choices of checkboxes beside emails that Shaw will send, to every  email account one has A opt-in for ads (Shaw spam) what's on TV (Shaw spam), contests about winning a headbangers CD (oh whoopie! - more Shaw spam) and so on, especially, a box opt-in for real important notices that would include down-times, rate increases, scheduled maintenance, and such important matters being emailed..


If Shaw can't understand what unsubscribe means, then the CRTC, a go-between government, stakeholders, and consumers might be in a position to explain it. Of course, Shaw is too big to care, and use the 'we are family' marketing scam to appear friendly, but are not and will generate a generic response to CRTC blithering and blathering (been there before but with the other monopolizer - Rodgers). But if one is persistent, who knows... maybe through the CRTC one person can hold Shaw's feet to the fire.


If there is a permanent way to stop ShawSpam, I would like to hear constructive ideas. Any stupid troll-junk will be ignored.


Oh yes, and a permanent way of stopping Shaws UNwanted, opted-out 3 times already, Shaw Assist from wedging itself back into my browsers.



"press the button!"