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DCX3510 LED Clock Brights Up/Fades Automatically

Question asked by kliners on Apr 20, 2013
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I have read some posts regarding this issue, but no thread dedicated to this problem or solution.


What seems to be happening is when the box is on standby, ie clock showing, the clock is usually faded (to save power I assume).  Once in a while the box will make a boot up sound (not a fan sound) and the clock will brighten up.  Then about a few minutes later, same boot up sound and the clock will fade again.  And this happens 24/7 when the box is on standby.


I've called Shaw support and no one seems to know about this problem, they just said monitor it.  I've dedicated this mornig to watch is for 2 hours while I read newspapers.  The pattern that seems to be happening is:


Clock Bright 6:30am

Clock Fade 6:41am

Clock Bright 7:00am

Clock Fade 7:10am

Clock Bright 730am

Clock Fade 7:41am


So 10 minutes bright then 20 minutes far