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Issues with guide

Question asked by dissatisfiedcust on Apr 20, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

Excluding the other technical problems with guide such as not recording shows as it should and can not replay recorded shows at times I have a few questions for future updates. First is there an update in the works so when you pause a show it remains paused rather than returning to live show after a period of time. Second the feature I find the most Annoying is the fact when you pause a show you can not check the guide without it going back to live tv. As a lot of the time I pause shows on a regular basis, this makes the guide almost unusable. I have to decide between checking the guide and watching a show. With the old guide at least you could check things out without getting screwed up. These should be must fixes in my opinion, and I would like to know if they are in works as part of an update. I had a tech support in to check my machine yesterday, and connection is great and everything is up to date as far latest updates. The only thing they could offer is to take my new machine away and replace it with an older one. So minus what I have recorded which I may be able to watch yet it comes down to this. To put it in prospective Shaw seems to think like this. If I had bought a 2013 car and it did not work they would replace with a model 5 to 8 years earlier in exchange and keep the 2013 model for them selves so they can resell it when they want. Why would they think anyone would find that reasonable. Please respond to the first part about the 2 questions I have about the Guide possible update. Please, Please, Please do not respond yet again about how you want to make my experience with Shaw better. I really I'm tired of it, and that is a waste of all of our time. Unless, which I have been told you will not do, is give me an older model that actually work, and keep the new machine until i can return the old model when you have fixed all the bugs in the new, you are wasting my time and making me find any alternative as a replacement.