DCX3510 Multiple problems

Discussion created by aldrimus on Apr 22, 2013
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I wanted to report some problems (I see the main discussion thread for this set top is now closed, so I am starting something new to report the issues I've had with this unit.


I've had this DXC3510 for about 3 months now, and I have encountered the following problems:


- when 2 recordings were in process and I tured the box on, it came up with a blank screen and remained that way until the recordings were complete.

- it sometimes misses recordings (most recently April 22nd at 8:00 PM it failed to record my highest priority series recording's new episode).

- sometimes it will pop up a box saying it has gone into 'offline mode' and some functionality is disabled. It will later return to 'online mode'.

- VOD items were blocky/pixelated at times, with screen fragmentation (this was resolved by a tech visit, yay!)

- sometimes when I delete a recording from the list, it won't delete. In fact, I almost always have to delete it twice.

- sometimes the box will record lower priority recordings in place of higher priority recordings. No idea why.


There are also the following shortcomings of the new box vs. my 7yr old unit I replaced with this:

- the fast forward/rewind function is awful. If you fast forward through commercials, it will jump back halfway into the last commercial forcing you watch it. Press fast forward again, and release and it will sometimes actually back you up further than where you started!

- you cannot set up a recording to a specific channel, there's no selection for this anymore.

- you cannot set up a recording to extend by a minute or two, or start early by a minute or two.

- the pause/slow advance is inferior to the prior device: there is no frame-by-frame advance at all, and the menu has to be closed every time you hit a button back/forward/other, the old box would only popup the menu when you started a pause. There goes my obsession of 'was that the right call refs'... this is killer for a hockey fan.

- there is no way to just look at a channel's future programs. On the old box pressing guide while in the guide would bring up the list for just that channel. This was very useful, but it's a capability that's gone.

- there is no movie central section in the VOD to just look at the stuff i've already paid for (resolved! this was added in, thank you)


I'm honestly sorely tempted to give up on Shaw with all the problems I have with this...


Oh, and the internet has been causing problems since I got the new modem/higher speed as well. Sigh.