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Missed recordings on HD box

Question asked by clievers on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

Does anyone else have problems with Motorola DCX3510-M HD box?

I've had numerous times where recordings will just be missed, others don't show up in the list of upcoming recordings based on my series' schedules. It's slower than he**.


This Monday's episode of Castle didn't record. If I look at upcoming schedules, it's not there at all. If I do a guide search on Castle, there are two that show up in the list. One has a sort of "broken" symbol (attached Pic 1). So I went the other Castle result and tried scheduling for next Monday's episode, and it comes up with an error that it overlaps with other recordings (which it didn't). If I delete my old Castle series/schedule, then I can schedule the new one.

But why are these being broken? This is the second or third time that has happened to me now where I have to go in and re set up a schedule because they are broken and I miss these recordings.


I come from using mythtv, free/opensource, that never has these problems.

My mythtv records "The Office" new episodes. If I try a series schedule on this box for new office episodes, not one has been recorded. I can search on it and scroll to the May 1 new episode recording and schedule the series, but nothing happens. It just doesn't work.


This has mega problems, and you have to pay mega bucks for this stupid box! and searching and stuff is slooowwwww. Fix it!!!!


And please don't tell me to contact customer support. I've done that and they are no help. A tech even came out, put boosters on my line, replaced line ends, etc.