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Motorola DCX3400-M PVR - Why is this question locked and why no answer?

Question asked by captron on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by shaw-matt

Back January I started this post wich was diverted by the moderator to it's own post title and then locked:

Motorola DCX3400-M PVR record programs on a single channel & one date/time.



Let me rephrase my question:


I want to record a certain program series, and I want to record it every week, by date and time just like any other PVR or VCR for that matter. I can't seem to do it.


It is incomprehensible this high tech device is incapable of this. 

Yes as described it is easy to record one iteration and not mentioned yes you can record every iteration of the program, HOWEVER, I only want to record the new single program not multiple iterations of the same program many times.  ie if I want to record Rick Mercer once a week, I can't do it. If I say: record only new programs it still records the old ones and the re released of even older ones, I end up with up to 6 iterations being recorded every week.


Am I missing something or was the QC test department on holiday when it approved this device. Satellite PVR's don't have this issue and not only this, they can:

  1.Select the favourite channels, and not leave favourites once selected

  2.Nor does selecting favourites jump to Chanel 1 when you select same

  3. The number of channels on a satellite PVR's  imain TV Guide display has more visible lines, much more than 5 or 6 and

  4. You can see PIP of the Chanel you were watching AND the one being selected

  5. Why does the PIP button not work on this unit when it should be technically able to - Who knows?


Most frustrating.


I await your explanations on how to do this.


Satellite is becoming more and more tempting