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Setup/Information on VPN Tunneling?

Question asked by evpoir on Apr 25, 2013
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Setup/Information regarding VPN Tunneling option in the DPC3825 Modem provided by Shaw Communications? In other words does anyone have any knowledge about the product and VPN Tunneling? Do you know of any issue(s) it may cause enabling the feature, what are the benefits on enabling the feature?

I understand it's not mandatory to enable the feature but I would like to be informed about the benefits and features that come with it? I can search thoroughly online using a search engine but I only need a basic response nothing extreme. If I like what I will read from other community member(s) then I might enable the feature for further protection or encryption.

My only question would rely on setting up the feature there are a few features that might need help setting up, maybe other community member(s) can help with those options understand I only want information and then I "may or may not" continue.

Thank you