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Upgrades in Nelson BC - Slow Internet

Question asked by schapps on Apr 27, 2013
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I was wondering if someone could provide the people of Nelson and area with some information on the upgrades being completed in the area.  Establishing some sort of consistency amongst what is being communicated to the Shaw customers appears to be a BIG problem.  I have been told upgrades are ongoing, to they will be complete April 1st, to they will be complete mid April, and now my latest call to Shaw I was informed there is no scheduled completion date.  Searches on this forum show that other customers in the area have been informed completion dates of as early as March.  I can't see how this is considered acceptable customer treatment... I am just looking for a straight answer - when will updates in Nelson area be complete?  Has the completion date simply been pushed back? Or is there even work ongoing right now?  Thank-you for your response.