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Gateway & 2 Portals

Question asked by joseverstappen on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by shaw-lance
  1. I'm not clear from your site whether a Gateway + two portals will cover 2 tvs or 3 tvs (one tv on the gateway, and one other tv each on the 2 portals)?
  2. Also, can I hook one portal up to a computer with a tv tuner card? I use this now with a (rather old) motorola cable box, and that does work. I realise that the tuner may not be able to cope with HD channels, but will I likely expect any other problems as well?
  3. Recently I have had blank screens for one of the programmes on Channel 206 (CSBHD), which I used to watch and/or record: the Chris Matthews show on late Sunday evening. The past few weeks I have been getting a blank screen, while other programmes on the same channel do seem not to have this issue. Is it possible that a channel like this offers some of it programmes (like this one) in MPEG-4, while most of its other programmes seem to be in the older format?

- Jose