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Gateway portal and projector resolution issues

Question asked by plasmanut on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by idcurrie

My Gateway has 4 portals connected to it. Three of them have been operational for over a year.


Last night, I have (finally!) set up my Home Theatre projection in my basement.


In that room, the portal is hooked up to a Pioneer VSX-1122-k receiver, which sports the Marvell Qdeo video processor. The receiver then sends the signal to an Epson 3020 1080p 3D ready projector.


Unfortunately, I can't get my system to accept 1080i, 1080p (24 Hz) or 1080p (30 Hz) resolutions. The highest I can get to is 720p. This is acceptable for HDTV, but if theres one room in my house where 1080p would be important, that would be it.


Selecting 1080i gives me mixed results (black - no picture or scrambly screen).


Selecting 1080p (24 Hz) tells me not supported


Selecting 1080p (30Hz) sows me a picture, but it's huge! I can only see the top left corner of it, as if my projector can't fit all of it on my screen.


It was late by the time I had to give up and go to bed. My next step will be to connect the main HDMI that goes to my projector straight to the portal to see if this is an issue related to my receiver.


For the record, I hooked up my ps3 and while I haven't tested 3D yet, 1080p looks awesome playing Blu-Ray or games.


Also, I have an Apple TV 3rd generation which seems to display 1080p just fine.


Any help would be much appreciated.