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this shaw to rogers is it for me!

Question asked by bradywill on May 4, 2013
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I just realized this morning that shaw is switching to rogers is IT for me!


I came on the the lounge to see what is going on and i m glad i did! this transition is totally horrible.


1.i have called and can't get a response,

2. shaw at least had some customer service skills and i can't even chat with them

3. i looked at my bill this morning and what did i see? that rogers has decided to charge me for things i NEVER use, which has brought the 150 a month bill to almost 300.00!


4. they have subscribed me to things without my authorisation

5. and apparently you can't even get them by phone!



i have a heart conditon that this new company is going to kill me if they don't at least try to be customer service oriented