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PVR is turning itself off in the middle of a program

Question asked by futures on May 4, 2013
Latest reply on May 11, 2013 by shaw-lance

We purchased the new DCX 3510-M PVR this past month and we have had several problems with it. Everything from receiving the message Offline mode so it misses recordings, to there was an error in recording this show, menu button no longer works, a recorded show jumping ahead 10 minutes in the middle of the show with no way of retrieving the lost time etc. I am a total non-techie so this has been very frustrating. I unplug the machine and let it reset itself but have missed many shows.


Today the PVR has turned itself off twice this afternoon over a period of 20 minutes. I was watching a tv show and the picture froze but the audio continued to work. Then all of a sudden the PVR shut down and rebooted itself.


I appreciate any assistance with this issue. thank you