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PVR froze, had to reset, now recordings are gone. Help!

Question asked by checkrex on May 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2013 by wnarv

My PVR stopped showing the tv show I was watching and the little loading logo showed up in the middle of the screen but it wasn't moving, I tried turning it off and on again but it still showed the same loading thing. So I unplugged the power for 30 seconds like people online had said to do and plugged it back in but the letters APP stayed on the display and when I tried to turn it on it said 'login failed' or something. So then I reset it again and it worked, and after about 20 minutes all of the guide and menu functions came back, but all of my recorded programs and scheduled programs are gone! Will they take longer to show up? Should I reset again? Are they lost forever? Why is this happening