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connection issues on all but the most visited sites (potential DNS issue)

Question asked by thunderous on May 5, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2013 by shaw-matt
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For several days my high speed 50 has been unable to connect to the majority of sites, though it does connect to some. I'll visit and watch an entire HD hockey game smoothly, but then be unable too visit any other sites save for google, and a few others.


I'm running straight off of a cisco DPC3825, without a router or a firewall to interfer; and these symptoms appear on two PCs and an imac.


i've reset the router to factory settings.


located in Kelowna BC (if that has any bearing)


running a runs fine, but a never returns results (it times out during the test)


could this be DNS issue? any suggestions on fixing the problem?


thanks in advance, Ray