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Recent Phone Issues in North Saanich

Question asked by sidmariner on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 9, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

On May 5, in the middle of a call to Salt Spring Island, my transmission started to fade and then dropped off completely while I could still hear the person I had been talking to quite clearly. A minute later, they dropped off too and the phone was still out of action until late evening when I went to bed. My internet was still up, but wireless was down too, since my Playbook video chat would not connect. I called back on a Rogers cell phone and connected their side of the system on Salt Spring was fine. No dial tone could be detected on any of my four charged up wireless handsets.


Last night, May 8, my phones were completely dead - no dial tone at all. My internet was up and I was able to video chat over wireless. The problem started after 10pm, since I had no issues with the phone earlier in the evening.


What kind of issue would selectively shut down my phone service and leave wireless and internet working?