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Slow Connection - Uploads non existent

Question asked by alan.leonard on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by kevinds

We have called into Shaw a number of times asking about the consistently slow internet connection.  The last time was stated a congestion in our area of Calgary (Aspen Hills).


For the last few weeks using the SPEEDTEST.SHAW.CA I am consistently getting downloads of 18-19Mb (acceptable on HS 25 but would like closer to the 25 I am paying for), uploads of .45-.60 (totally unacceptable on anything but a 15 year old modem dial up).


I cannot believe that Shaw would let this go to this point and expect users to be happy with this level of service.  I could not get an answer from the support line of when I could expect a change in the level of service.  One time they said a service tech was being dispatched, next time it was a hardware upgrade that could be six months.  A guy in a truck to look into it I can accept, six months is something I would be ashamed to state if I was Shaw.