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Are new MPEG4 Channels viewable with Motorola PVRs?

Question asked by winterpeg on May 11, 2013
Latest reply on May 11, 2013 by kevinds

Hi Everyone:

Just noticed that there were 4 channels, 247, 248,249 & 275 that I can NOT receive the video signal on my 2 TVs that are hooked up to my HD PVRs from Motorola. These are the original PVRs that Shaw sold to me over the past 6 years for a total of over $1000. I do receive those channels on my other HDTV that I have hooked up to the PACE box that they gave me about 18 months ago.

Obviously the Motorola PVRs can NOT receive the MPEG4 format signals.

My question is, for me to receive true HD service in the future will I have to replace my 2 PVRs?