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My internet rant...

Question asked by digixtra on May 12, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by valjean

I wonder if anyone in Vancouver area having the problem with their internet connection last few days but mine is periodically losing the connection alot (On for 1/2 hour then off for an hour etc...). Most of the time the computer will show the connection but can not resolve the DNS..sometime it is too slow that it might take 5 min to change a page or  if it take too long then it is disconnected...  After a few phone calls to the tech  they finally render a house visit within...a week. What pi.. me off is:

- I (or customer) had been treated like a moron. When asking the tech if Shaw had the problem  with their DNS server, they never admit it but kept insist on sending the tech to my resident to check for ..(could be) a loose cable. I wonder why my TV which is using the same cable had never has any intermitten  problem but only the internet?. Yesterday I checked out this forum and see that this problem is happened everywhere from Winnipeg to Victoria and recently is in Downtown Vancouver . So I decided to sign up to post my rant here.

- I paid more money for the best internet (BB50) but virtually can not use it for 1/4 month (one week appointment). I would interested to see the next bill if I still get charge for this un(able)used period.

Now I'm waiting for the internet to re-connect to post this rant and at the same time visit Telus site to see what they are offering......