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Question asked by nsteuart on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by [shaw]ali

We have had the 3510 for a few months now.  I have read many of the discussions posted and agree with most all...this box certainly has its issues.  One of the most frustrating for us is that I have to double check that all of our programs are going to record.  An example of this is.  Tonight I had 2 series scheduled for 5 pm and one scheduled for 6 pm.  Well, the 6 pm show was moved to 5 pm (so 3 shows to record at 5 pm now) because it is a 2 hour tonight, so this box chooses not to record one of my 5 pm shows.  If I had not been checking I would have missed this.  I shouldn't have to double check that I am getting all of my shows recorded.  The only way I could have seen this is if I was scrolling through the guide where it shows the "x".  In the old guide I would have been able to see in future recordings that one of the shows would have had an "X" by it and I would have been able to search for another time to record.  This needs to be added to the future recordings page on the 3510!  Is this frustrating anyone else?? or am I missing something?? is there somewhere it's telling me this is happening, other than the guide??