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Motorola DCX3400 - CableCARD Pairing - Authorisation Failure 1200???

Question asked by ironlady on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by shaw-matt

Good  Evening,

So over the past 2 weeks my Motorola DCX3400 has been resetting itself or losing picture and or sound, Freezing on PVR, and or becomes unresponsive to the remote and or the front panel controls and thus requires a power down/ unplug of the unit to get back our tv channels (almost identical issue to those with the expander - except I don't have an expander box). Initially this occurred every couple of days, then every day until last 2-3 days it has progressively gotten worse to the point where now I am unable to get any tv channels (although music seems to work fine).

After a disconnect of power the unit and restart I now get the following message in red font on a white background:

CableCARD (tm) Pairing

Authorization Failure 1200

There was a technical problem during authorisation process. This product may have some component failure or may not be designed to be fully compatible with digital cable television services. please contact the manufacturer or the retailer

After approx. a minute this message disappears and I get either a "NOT AUTHORISED" message indicating a crash (no response to remote/front panel) or the " this channel will be available shortly ref code s0a00" but nothing ever comes of it and it cycles again later and (i'm guessing) tries to get authorisation again around every 20 minutes.

As far as I understand from this forum Shaw doesn't use CableCARD so what is going on?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

PS: I've tried (before getting to this final white screen of death) pretty much everything I could find on the forum with the symptoms I had, but as I mentioned earlier we do not have an expander which appears to have been causing most of the issues for others over the past 2 years...