Hells Kitchen - I'm a little confused

Discussion created by gamerguy on May 14, 2013
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I have Hells Kitchen set to record on City TV. It's set to record "First-run only".


Seems City TV did not air the same episode that Fox aired last night. (I didn't even see it listed, let alone it recording.) It was a 2 hour double episode. ("10, then 9 chefs compete".) I happened to be looking at the guide last night, and saw the Fox episode, but no City TV in my recordings list. Thankfully I managed to record 1:33 minutes of the 2 hour episode on Fox. The next new episode on City TV is "8 chefs compete".


What happened to "10, then 9 chefs compete" on City TV?


I prefer to record Canadian channels, but if this is going to happen again, I'll start recording it on Fox. Though I should not have to!!