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Cellphone's voicemail picks up when simultaneous ring feature is turned on.

Question asked by meligray on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by michaelc

Ughhhh...can somebody please help me solve our issue with our simultaneous ring feature.  I have done a live chat and phoned Shaw support but have not had any success, and am growing quite frustrated.


We have our simultaneous ring set up with our cell phone numbers.  But when we phone our house from our cell phone, the home phone will ring once and then our cell phone's voicemail will pick up.  Shaw insisted that it is an issue with our cell phones.  But my husband and I have different cell phone providers, and we have had this feature activated for these cell phones and did not have any problem until we modified the simultaneous ring feature.


Again, we have used this feature for a couple of years, without any issue.  We only started experiencing this problem after we made a change to the feature in the Phone Portal.


I have seen that others have experienced this issue...has anyone had any resolution?!?!?