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Discussion created by imeegracel on May 16, 2013
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Since I have the Gateway System, this become my favourite among all the home entertainment I had. Despite of some few glitches occurred sometimes, which mostly resolved easily, I always enjoy the superior picture quality, which for me one of the most features I really wanted for.

Last Monday, I was at work, I just realized, I missed setting up one of the show to record due to schedule changed, first thing came up in my mind was, ):| I wish my Gateway System has that "Feature" to enable us to set recordings in our wireless devices? Instead' I managed to make in my other  HDPVR  which has that capability. I know you guys have been talking about? More more features to come? For me! This is one of the features that could polished touch the Gateway System. I have few of my friends which at this point so eager to switch to Gateway System, if this features will be added, that made them not to have a second thoughts.image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg