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Broadband100 problem

Question asked by eyzi on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 19, 2013 by eyzi

So I managed to convince my dad to switch to BB100 but we're having problems on our first day. This morning, we switched from Highspeed20 to Broadband100 hoping to get a FASTER internet. At first, my dad is complaining that we're only getting 30-40mbps for download which supposed to be 100mbps or at least near that. I couldn't care less because what I'm after is the 5mbps upload (which I was getting that time) so I told him we'll wait for a couple of days and see if it's still the same, then we'll call Shaw. After we setup the WiFi passwords on all computers, we can't connect to the internet. By "can't connect to the internet", I mean the WiFi is connected but websites won't load. After restarting the modem several times (right now, to be exact), we can connect but very slow. So while I can still post this, I would want to ask is this really what we're supposed to be getting? I'm really really frustrated right now since I'm not getting my 5mpbs upload.


Screenshot just a while ago: