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Cisco DPC3825 maximum simultaneous wireless connections

Question asked by metartur on May 19, 2013
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I have a Cisco DPC3825 modem provided by Shaw, it was working fine until recently when I added a couple more wi-fi devices. Currently I have connected:


1.1 PC - lan

2. 4pc's - wi-fi (voip and netflix)

3. 1 android tablet (netflix)

4. 2 android smartphones


so over wi-fi I have 7 devices. The problem is that one of my laptops is kicked off the network every few minutes. I have to turn off the wi-fi o the laptop and turn it back in order to re-connect. I set the Client Lease Time: to 0 and it didn't help. I even filtered all the devices and added to the MAC filter list with the instructions to permit the connections, nothing.


Is 7 connections chocking this modem? Should I consider a new router or is the a workaround for this problem.


Thank you.