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Bad Service with Shaw

Question asked by antoniojoao on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by shaw-matt

On May 19th, Saturday, I was told to wait for a
Shaw Technician between 9:00 and 11:00 AM. The contract was to install Shaw
internet (a new service, currently I only have regular cable) and the Shaw
Gateway TV in my house.

I waited. And waited. Nothing.

After 11:00 am I called Shaw. The representative told me that
the Technician was late, but confirmed the appointment. And I waited.

Around 13:00 PMI called again. This time a different Shaw
representative told me that my phone number in the Shaw system was wrong,
apparently the reason why the technician could not locate my house in time!!!

And I waited. And waited. And nothing. Terrible customer service.

Strangely enough I received several calls from Shaw on the
previous week trying to upsell a phone service with the internet (apparently my
phone number, the same for the last 12 years, was not wrong for upsells).My
address is also the same (apparently Shaw has my correct address).

This was a waste of time and a deplorable customer service,
not only for the broken promise but the miserable form to respond to my


I will call (office is closed now) to Telus and change all
my services. I pay around $200 a month in cable, phone and internet. Well, in a
few days I will cancel what I have with Shaw. More I will try to convince all
my friends and family to do the same.



Shaw service was terrible.