Broadband 250 performance

Discussion created by wvt on May 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by shaw-lance

Anyone else on Broadband 250?  How's your performance?


I have perfect signal and good Signal to Noise to my modem, on BB100 I was able to achieve the provisioned speeds easily all the time.  On BB250, it's usually only 3am to 6am period that I can achieve even just 80% of provisioned Download speeds.  I've been through all troubleshooting, testing carried out over May long weekend while I was not home via direct connected Gigabit Laptop. 12 Threads to Shaw Speedtest site data. (The actual Shaw speed test web page is always consistently lower about 5-10mbit on tests).


I'll shared a link to my compiled results in a Google doc. Wondering if anyone else is paying for BB250 and doesn't have sufficient bandwidth available at their node to sustain atleast 80% of the provisioned speed.


Google doc with compiled results. Green is 80%+, Orange is 60%-79%, Red is below 60%, this is for Download speed as a percent of plan speed (250mbit).