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Tenda W303R Wireless N300 RangeMax Router

Question asked by ecf9y8 on May 22, 2013
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Thank you, Tenda W303R Wireless N300 RangeMax Router? I've recently purchased a router as you can see by the title, unfortunately I'm having trouble setting up the system.



I've, contacted the manufacturer in order to go over the steps needed to setup the piece of equipment. They've provided a link to their official website for setup. I've connected my router to the modem but after following through with the setup and asking Shaw Communications to turn my modem into bridge mode it didn't workout.


I, contacted our Internet Service Provider (ISP) but they had to finally re-bridge the modem back to the original state. That's all in the past now I want to try again I understand the equipment didn't workout because I may have made an error. You'll see the steps I've taken below writing down step by step.



1). Unpacked the Tenda W303R Wireless N300 RangeMax Router (Power Supply, CD, Router and Manual).

2). Plugged in an Ethernet cord into the Blue (WLAN) port. Connected via the (DPC3825 Modem).

3). Plugged in another Ethernet cord into 1-4 (LAN/WAN) ports. Connected via the main Desktop (Don't ask me to check via Ethernet because I don't have the password in order to check if the connection works via the desktop it's not mine). That's out of the question.


The only Ethernet cord attached to the (DPC3825 Modem) is the connection via the modem plugged into the router Blue (WLAN) port. Don't worry I understand you have to connect (Port 1) from the modem into the router. That's what the Shaw Support Representative said.



4). Once everything is attached I tried connecting via (Wireless/Ethernet) it said "Additional Log In Information" may be required. By clicking on the link it would redirect you to asking you to perform a few steps before you connect to the Internet. Below are the steps it asks you to perform.


A). Choose your connection type (ADSL Dial up) or (DHCP). My choice (DHCP) on to the following step.

B). Change the default password (123.....). I changed to default (WPA/WPA2) password.

C). Click "Save Settings". Message appeared saying "Successfully Changed Settings".

Those settings above were changed while our modem was in (Bridge Mode) I was able to connect via wirelessly but with a message in the taskbar saying "No Internet Access" but the connection was identified. The same was for the Ethernet connection which was connected via the router directly. Unfortunately it couldn't be (Identified) and there wasn't a connection between the router and desktop.


Don't ask I have already re-bridged the modem while on the phone with a representative and we tried to see if the modem was defective. No it wasn't we tried all ports available and all were working perfectly all levels were established. The connection between the modem and desktop connected via Ethernet cord worked perfectly. The connection via wireless were working perfectly, at the moment I have taking everything apart and the modem is at it's default value.


Thank you