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Shaw mail account not working

Question asked by treebeard on May 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by [shaw]tegan

I have been a Shaw customer for many years using my own domain to forward email to my Shaw email account.   It has works like this:

I registered my own domain, years ago.    I am registered with Domain Registry of Canada which enables me to have 5 free pop3 accounts and forward them to whatever ISP hosted email address I choose.   This enables me to always have a constant email address, regardless of which ISP I am using.   (At one time I ISPs switched frequently trying to find reliable ISPs back in the early days of the internet.)   This system has worked great until Monday when I suddenly stopped receiving email addressed to by ****** email address in my Shaw email account.   After a tech support call to Domain Registry of Canada (who kept me on hold for an agonizing 15 seconds! )   with the there techs help we were able to verify that their forwarding service was working by changing the forwarding of my ****** address to my company email address as while as the tech I spoke to.  

My next step was to call Shaw.   After 20 minutes on hold (now that's customer service ) I explained my issue to the tech who insisted that the issue must be originate with the Domain Registry of Canada even though my email was successfully forwarded to other mail servers.  

So, can someone suggest anything to help me resolve this?   Is it possible my domain is blacklisted with Shaw?   The Shaw tech I spoke to said he did not think that would be the case.  I asked him if I was blacklisted who would have done it, and his response was "the internet"  .  


Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.  I would hate to switch ISPs but if I must so be it.