Internet Bandwidth in Hinton is totally "unacceptable"!

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Since Christmas, my wife have been enduring the "Unbelievably" slow speed of the Internet here in Hinton.

Speedtest results are 1.8MB/sec to sometimes 2.4MB/sec.

We are paying for HighSpeed 10.... 10MB/sec.

We are told the slowdown is from Saturation, and that Shaw "regrets this inconvenience"

Until the Hinton NODE gets split.....sometime this summer , we are just having to "PUT UP" with it.

On Christmas morning, we got up at 4AM to "face-time" our family back home in Fredericton.

We wanted to see our grand-daughter open her presents. She is 2 years old.

All we got was blown off the air and "reconnecting " msgs , after the facetime picture established for a frustrating 7-10 seconds.

This scenario went on for 15-20min, until we just had to phone.........VERY Frustrating!!!



Mother's day, same frustration with our Facetime to Hamilton, ONT with our son, slow/ reconnects to the point that we're sick of this.

I have been requested by SHAW Support to bypass my Dir655 Gigabit Wireless Router, and it makes no difference.....still very slow.


Please Help SOON.