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Gateway issues begin

Question asked by chrisguy on May 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2013 by mark_vse

So I recently had a gateway system setup 4 days ago.  All worked well at first but today the issues started.  I've placed 2 calls to technical support this evening and the issues still continue.  The first call the gateway was completely down and the tech could not even connect to the gateway even though all blue lights where active.  Since he could not even connect to the gateway we scheduled a service call for Monday morning.  An hour later the TV was back on so I called again to see if the tech could connect to the gateway at this point.  He could connect this time and we seen that there was a firmware update available that had failed.  He pushed out the new firmware to the gateway and it installed and I thought all was well so we cancelled the Monday morning appointment.  Sadly it doesn't seem that the firmware update fixed any of the issues.  These are the issues I've seen so far:


- Gateway going online/offline - more offline that online

- The fan seems to like to run at like 100% most the time now as it louder than it was

- Log files failing to upload

- Firmware failing to download

- A message saying I've unplugged an external HDD improperly ( I don't have an external HDD)

- PVR recordings have been wiped out


Anyways I don't think this is something that just going to fix itself so I guess I'll have to call again tomorrow but I figured I'd post here as well.


Was there some issues with service this morning in Victoria this morning or something?  If so what exactly happened?