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Want to Upgrade my DCT3416, but DO NOT want the 3510...What options do I have?

Question asked by ldc on May 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by [shaw]ali

I currently own the DCT3416, after a horrible experience with the 3510 several months ago, I went back to my old and stable DCT3416. New SHAW HD channels are showing up in my Guide, but I am unable to view them! All I am getting is a black screen and audio...


I am looking to upgrade, but cannot deal with all the issues of the 3510 again. I understand there was a big firmware update a few days ago, but from what I am reading some of the issues I experienced are still present. The 3510 is not an option for me, I will let others beta test this product.


So is the only option the $500 SHAW Gateway? Seems a bit steep considering my current PVR works just fine, the problem is that some of these new HD Channels are not compatible with my old PVR? is that the case?


It would be great to get a PVR with the OLD GUIDE, that I am able to view all these new HD Channels on...any suggestions would be appreciated.