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Headphones for DCX3510

Question asked by terrysmythe on May 25, 2013
Latest reply on May 26, 2013 by kevinds

My hearing aids don't work very well, so I prefer to add headphones to either my new Panasonic P42UT50  HD TV, or to my DCX3510.   The RCA ports on the rear of the TV appear to be audio out, not audio in.      The RCA ports on the DCX350 appear to be audio out, but when I connect my headphones to it, audio is super quiet.   So, how do I connect headphones?     Or, what do I need to connect headphones?


My old 39" LCD  TV had a simple female jack on the side.   When I connected my headphones to it, the internal speakers instantly shut off and the audio was then redirected to my headphones with full volume.     With my new HDTV, I seem to have lost that ability, not nice.    Seems like a case of one step forward and one step backward, makes no sense.




Terry Smythe