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Replacing DPC3825 modem with DPC3008

Question asked by kuby999 on May 26, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by the_slvrfox

Recently I had my DPC3825 swapped out by a shaw technician due to it having random resets for the past few months. I was very happy after I recieved the new modem which worked great web surfing and downloading movies, but when I try to play online games on it I've experienced rubber band-lag issues that I've never encountered before (with the DPC3825 modem that they swapped out it did not have any of these random lag issues). Long story short, I'm thinking about buying off a DPC3008 modem from a friend who's about to move out of the province. I'm wondering could I swap my current DPC3825 modem with his DPC3008 modem and would Shaw support that modem if it requires some kind of activation?  (it's also DOCSIS 3.0).