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No phone, no internet, no cable

Question asked by dewbear on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by shaw-colin

We returned home Saturday morning to discover we had no internet or cable service. When I tried to call Shaw I learned I also had no phone service. I had to borrow a cell phone to contact Shaw. After initial testing, the tech determined there was no signal coming into our house and we had to wait until late Monday afternoon before a tech could be tasked to our issue.


It's a good thing we did not need 911!!!


It turns out our cable services were turned off in error, I'm assuming by a Shaw tech. Based on my last TV recordings this appears to happened almost 6 days ago.


So the problem has now been rectified but can you tell me - will Shaw reimburse me for the service outage period which I've paid for?


This situation has caused me to seriously question if it is wise to have cable and phone services provided by the same provider. The cable and internet I can live without (although my wife says different) but phone service is critical.


Thank you for your thoughts and hopefully a review of my circumstances.