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Arris and Harmony One

Question asked by banjaboy on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by mark_vse

Hi all, just had Gateway installed. All in all I'm very happy with after a couple of hours of playing. Still got to figure a few things out but I like it. I do have an issue though....I used to have 2 Motorola HDPVRs; I controlled my home theatre system with my Harmony One remote. It worked flawlessly, a wonderful device. Now I have a problem, no matter what I do I cant get audio from my surround system it defaults to the TV speaker system which is junk. Here is my set up...


TV.....Samsung LN-52B750

Surround sound/tuner/receiver/bluray combined player......BD-1255

Arris MP2000NA


I only use the Harmony remote on my main system, the other TV's work good enough with the Shaw Remote.


I added the Arris to the Harmony One Remote, it is recognized and it loaded into the remote easily. I set it up just as I did for the Motorola. everything functions except sound, the surround goes to correct input.BD/DVD, that's what the Motorola was. No matter wht I select, TV, DVD, Radio, CD, the sound always comes from the TV speakers.


I wonder if a Shaw service call would work or can I do some kind of programming to the PVR Myself. Other than this, I love the system, but this audio thing is a show stopper and I might have to get Shaw to come and remove Gateway and go with something else. Any ideas? Pulling my hair out lol!!!!!