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Shaw wifi box drops signal for newer computers

Question asked by danzman on May 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by jackal

Have been in contact (by phone) with Shaw Techies to address this problem on more than a few occasions: our Shaw wifi box drops webpages & kicks certain of our computers off at intermittent times in the day or night.


BKGRDR: Earlier this year, TB bought a new MacBk Air. The troubles started soon thereafter. The Air started dropping webpages & freezing up on streamed video -- this, at various times during day or night. Prior to this, TB's (old) MacBk had no problems w/ streaming (none other than the usual fare of Shaw congestion at dinner time & again 'round midnight ... a pbm common to the other 3 computers in the house).


Then, TW's laptop running Windows 7 (or Vista?) started dropping webpages. In both TW & TB's cases, the wifi signal would degrade to nothing & they'd have to restart, sometimes just the airport card, other times the OS. In some instances, connection would return. At other times, nada -- TOTAL FRUSTRATION.


While this was happening, the older computers in the house (a 2009 Intel-equipped MacBk Pro running OSX; a PPC-equipped iMac running OSX) kept chugging along seemingly immune to TW's & TB's wifi problems. (Except, of course, for the aforementioned congestion problems.)


SHAW'S PROPOSED FIXES: We called 3 or 4 times for help. In each case, the attendant told us to "change the portal or channel" setting on the box. In each case, we did as we were told. In each case, TW's & TB's computers recovered wifi signal for a day, and then ... you guessed it, frustration again.


Anedcdote: "When the doctor's remedy doesn't seem to work, and said doctor seems incapable, or uninterested, to investigate farther, the patient soon stops calling." Which is why I'm trying this approach here -- one last effort to get an explanation that will work.


PERSISTING PROBLEM: Presently, both TB's & TW's laptops may, or may not, hold a connection to the wifi ... to the point now where they've given up on even reporting to me (the home network guy by default & not by training) all occurrences of dropped signal or frozen streams. Meanwhile, the 2009 MacBk Pro & even-older PPC iMac still chug along.


P.S. TB took the MacBk Air to the Apple Store for advice. The Apple guy advised dedicating a portal on the wifi box to TB's airport card. Does this make sense with you at Shaw? What about TW's laptop running Windows? How will this affect the MacBk Pro & PPC-iMac?