Not happy with Shaw, more like disappointed.

Discussion created by bnovogradac on May 31, 2013
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Called in one day to talk to tech support and find out that Rogers bought Shaw Hamilton, so now i am stuck with changing my email address again for the 2nd time in short while.  Then finding out that currently they are still in transition to Rogers and things wont change until notices are sent out.


Just to see i went to check out Rogers options for services and ind that they are more expensive then Shaw was.  I unfortunately know how bad there support is as i have a cell phone with Rogers.


Not happy at all we are now stuck with s***** Rogers, seeing the cost of there plans paying way too much and service and support is crap.  Shaw Hamilton (Mountain cable) support was awesome and they knew what the heck they were doing.


This is a two thumbs down for Shaw selling off to Rogers.  I am in the process of checking my options and getting all details before i cancel my service for internet and phone from Shaw.


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