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Can your internet can be a little bit faster?

Question asked by nanospeed on Jun 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

Sry for bothering u. But srsly, I have enough with this retarded internet. I think my family paid 60-75 per month for the plan, and some sort of phone thing, is about 120$ in total. I know it is not a lot but ur "Best" internet in the world ruined my weekend so bad. I cant even log in fb sometimes and can't get access to internet because of your some random server problem. I don't care what the freak your company is, how large it is, but im the customer, I have the right to have quality I deserve. And here is the thing, can your internet be a little faster than dat? for example, 25 mb plan, u give me a result of 10 mb /s when there no body in home, and when my family in home, I can't even go on watch videos from video website in a smooth way.( Like i have to stop and wait for like 1 min to let it download and watch for 1 min and wait) It is so frustrating when the interent do this to me in the WEEKEND. also, because of this internet, i broke my mouse while playing games cause you guyz make me lag so hard so I cant move. I clicked the mouse so hard then I broke lol. And I can just stand in base and watch the other teammates to yell at me,“Teemo, come out from base plz. We need u." When ever i see "w need u",Im so motivate,but ur internet broked my motivation and fked me really hard. Sry about the swear word but I'm really angry about your internet right now. So, back to the point, are u going improve ur server or not? I have a lot of friends I know from school and they are really tired of this already. Lag spikes from ur company, and even unable to acces the internet. Like really, I know a lot of company's plan are better than urs with low prices, if they want to change a plan, they can do it easily. But well, you better save ur clients with a good server before they all run to the other companys for gud quality networks. Have a good afternoon, bro/sis.