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Why Does My PVR Not Accept Certain Series ?

Question asked by vincej on Jun 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by shaw-colin

Hi - I just upgraded to a Motorola DCX 3510 HDPVR


For some bizarre reason which I can not understand I can not get it to accept into the schedule 2 different series:

Aliens: The Definitive Guide on channel 272 and The 80's: The Decade that Changed Us, channel 241.


It will accept the 2 programs into the priority list and if you subsequently click into them, the PVR treats them like they were established series in the sense that it asks if you want to change the series rather than record the series. However, if you then go and look into the schedule they are not there. Yet there are episodes being broadcast in the next 2 weeks.


I have asked for ALL episodes just in case it was filtering the broadcasts out on the grounds that they were repeats - but nope - no good.


For the record I have successfully added other series.


Can anyone thin of what might be going on ?


Many Thanks !