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Why Can I Not Record 2 Series At The Same Time  ?

Question asked by vincej on Jun 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2013 by shaw-lance

Hi - I have a brand new Motorola DCX3510 having "upgraded" from my old Pace PVR. All I want to do is create 2 series recordings which occur at the same time. A piece of cake for the old Pace. When I try to do this on the 3510, I get a warning message informing me that there is a conflict and do I want to cancel one or the other .... if I persist and put my 2 programs on, then one of them will have a red dot with an X next to it.  This is absurd - I have a 2 tuner PVR. So .. am I doing something dumb ?


Note to moderator: The DCX3510 forum is locked - so this is the only place I can put my question on.


The 2 programmes in question are for tonight, Tues 4th June: America's Got Talent and Family SOS - both HD.


Many Thanks !