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PVR Box Software Glitches

Question asked by bplatts on Jun 5, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by shaw-matt

I am new to this forum but I joined to ask if others are also fed-up with the newest Shaw HD PVR.  The software is full of glitches! I have had the new PVR for about three months and there are no improvements in spite of Shaw saying that they are "working on it." The most annoying glitch is a propensity for the machine to just stop recording part way through a program ... even if I am not doing anything to disrupt it.  You simply cannot rely on it to successfully record a program.  Also, fast forwarding through a recording will, inexplicably, cause it to stop, forcing you to start from the beginning.  There are numerous other glitches as well.  The guide is also crappy.  The gray on gray - with only thin colour underlining - provides a poor visual contrast. The "old" colour guide was so much easier to look through at a glance and distinguish between sports and movies etc.  I have a friend with a new HD box and he has encountered the same software glitches.  When will it be fixed? I'm one fed-up customer.