Internet Connection Spotty

Discussion created by ruinmage on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by shaw-colin

I've been with Shaw for a large portion of my life and I've never had such awful service as I have had since me and my roommates had Shaw come in and set up at our new house. We pay for BB100, but on our wifi we're lucky if we achieve anything above 5MB/s down, and 1MB/s up. On top of this approximately every hour or so we lose our connection to the internet for around 4 seconds, but it's long enough to interrupt any online gaming or the like we currently have going. This is a major inconvenience at times, as I figured going for BB100 would allow us to not only be able to game simultaneously but it would allow me to upload files for work at a swift pace, but from what we're currently getting our service would be the same for nearly 60 dollars a month less. We've had people from Shaw come in and note that we get full speed connected to the router itself, and they did say that there was a problem in the area but this is fuggin ridiculous. I have never had this problem with Shaw before, and it seems we're only having this problem because of the router we were given, as Shaw's service has been wonderful with no errors when I've provided my own router.