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"Basic" Channels vs. "Personalizer Base Channels" - Vancouver

Question asked by viewer on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by shaw-colin

I took a look and compared the Shaw "Basic" channels (via analog) and "Personalizer Base Channels"

and i noticed some imperfections.


Basic19W Network West


Basic121CMT - Country Music Television



These 3 channels are available by analog (no digital terminal required) on the very "basic" package from Shaw (in the Vancouver area that I could locate)

However, if you have the "Base" package on the "SPP" which is also the equivalent of a "Basic" package, and does require a digital terminal then you won't receive these three channels.

Also, if you have the "SPP - Base", and if you wanted these three channels, then you would have to also subscribe to "Entertainment 1" & "Entertainment 2". Those "Theme Packs" are at $10.00 each/per month.  So, in other words it may cost you and additional $20.00/per month just to receive the same channels that are still essentially included as the previous analog versions at the "basic" level pricing wise.


I am not sure why this is. There must be a handful of channels that Shaw must keep on analog, and these three channels may be in that list a long with the other ones, but it's not known. It just seems these three channels are not also included in the "SPP - Base" while they are included in the analog basic at basically no additional charge.