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Question asked by kcburgess on Jun 6, 2013
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Since I built this house in 2007 I have had an intermittent problem with pixelation of my TV and internet that is really slow. I have called and complained but to no avail. Every time I buy new equipment and the tech comes to install it they always ask is there anything else today and I tell them of my problem. They say they will check the lines in the house and the pedestal in the alley, but I never see them again. When the rain started 2 weeks ago so did my problems, the light came on and I concluded that the mositure outside was causing my troubles. elation

That was Thursday night, and Saturday (not raining now) I called Shaw again, was told I would have a half hour wait or I could get a call back. I got a call back and my TV was working fine at that particular time, but I explained my problem and the fellow said he would run some test. All the test were fine and I then told him that my speed test that morning had the following results, Ping 47ms  Download Speed 0.47mbps and Upload Speed 0.45mbps. He asked if it was hard wired and I said no I was using the wireless router that Shaw had installed. He told me the test results would only be considered if it was hard wired.

So I guess that the router for wireless internet that Shaw installs is as crappy as the remote controls for their Gateway System.

I think I have isolated the problem I just need to know what kind of meter do I need to check the cable between my house and the pedestal in the alley?