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Differences between Gateway and the digital PVR

Question asked by a.backman on Jun 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2013 by mark_vse

I had Gateway installed this week. While it is handy being able to watch a recording on any television set, I confess, so far, I really hate Gateway.  Perhaps you can help me improve my experience which stems from losing features I had with the digital PVR.


  • Can I create multiple favorites lists?  I am suffering from too much information. For example, I used to have a "news" list with ONLY my favorite news outlets. While I chose to include BBC World, CTV NewsNet and CBC, I did not include Fox News.  Using the news filter gives me everything from al jazeera to the local news in Detroit to sports news.  Too much info!  I had another favorites list that included only the major networks.
  • Can I view my favorites in an easy to read grid?
  • Can I set a reminder when a show is about to start?
  • Can I increase the font size as much of the text is too small
  • As I eliminated channels from the channel list, I discovered I would have to repeat the process on every TV.  .While this process really should be automated, is there at least a way to do it only once?
  • Are there shortcuts I can use in navigating the menu?  Moving from favorites to involve 8 clicks.  Can I go to favorites or PVR recordings more directly?

I appreciate any help on these issues or on getting used to Gateway generally.